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Your Account

All members have a unique user name and password, which are used for all services. Your user name is short and is based on your real life initials. Please do not confuse it with your email address(es).

You can change your password anytime you like. You will be required to login with your user name/password through several layers of security, and then you will be prompted through the password update process.

If you get stuck, please contact


All members automatically get one email address: You can have as many extra email addresses as you like. First names or nicknames are common choices. Please send your request to

All incoming email is filtered for spam. Currently 80-90% of all email received by the server is spam, and is rejected before wasting your time. From time to time, poorly configured mail systems may trigger these defences. If this happens, please let know.


The easiest way to pick up your email is via our webmail interface. Remember to log in with your user name, not your email address.

Email Forwarding

Your email can be automatically forwarded to any other email address on the Internet. Please send your request to

Email Clients

Most email programs can connect to your account, including desktop and mobile email clients. We support both the IMAP and POP standard protocols.

Your mail settings will depend on the program you use. Make sure you turn on TLS or SSL settings, because we don't support unencrypted connections.

As an example, the recommended settings for the Thunderbird email client are:

Server type IMAP
User name your-user-name
Server name
Port 143 (the default)
Security Settings TLS

You can also use our system to send mail with the following settings:

Outgoing (SMTP) server
Port 587 (NOT the default)
Use name and password Yes
User name your-user-name
Use secure connection TLS

Instant messaging

The instant messaging service has been phased out. There are many good free alternatives such as or

Web Pages

This web site runs on a wiki engine. You are welcome to create your own pages or edit existing ones. Be nice.

Note that all new pages will be public by default. Please ask for help if you need to restrict access.


A Wireguard VPN can be configured on request.